Checking an incoming call for a group of numbers seems to be adding a significant delay?

I’m trying to basically check an incoming EXTERNAL call against a group of numbers in contact manager to see if it’s a member of staff calling in. If it IS a member of staff, I want to send the phone call to desk phones.If it’s NOT a member of staff, I want to send the call to cordless phones.

I’m using Lorne’s “check whitelist” code for this.

When I was testing, using an inbound route where just my own mobile number was subject to the check whitelist, it seemed pretty speedy. Now I’ve set ALL incoming calls (we really don’t get that many) to go through the script and it seems to be quite a while now before the desk phones start to ring. Which to me doesn’t make any sense because the contact manager check is quite quick in and of itself. Any ideas?!

Is it odd, for example, that these lines appears in the trace?

[2019-11-19 08:42:59] VERBOSE[25379][C-000001e9] pbx.c: Spawn extension (check-whitelist, s, 1000) exited non-zero on 'SIP/1-pstn-0000008a'

[2019-11-19 08:43:00] VERBOSE[25379][C-000001e9] app_stack.c: Spawn extension (check-whitelist, s, 1000) exited non-zero on 'SIP/1-pstn-0000008a'

A call trace is here if anyone has time to take a look?!

The call comes in at 08:42:48, the log shows phones ringing from 08:42:50 but it seemed to take much longer before they actually did. I can do a proper stopwatch test if that would be better.
Yesterday (before I introduced this extra check) they seemed to be really on the ball!

I’m wondering if I should be using dynroutes or not? Would I gain anything?

Thank you…!

Any significant delay you experienced on the call you provided happened prior to the call arriving at the PBX. It’s as you said, 2 seconds from the time the call hit the PBX until phones were ringing.

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