Check Yes?


I wanted to help translate FreePBX tonight and I spotted a little problem with the help text of some of the settings

I saw, amongst others,

Check here to catch Unknown/Blocked Caller ID

Now the choice offered here is Yes or No, not a check box… I believe however it used to be a checkbox in previous versions of FreePBX…

Now in the translation I could fix this and not refer to “checking” something but it would do nothing for the people who use the interface in English.

Now I thought of submitting a patch to fix this but I am not sure what would be the best way to rewrite this.

I saw the following variants, there might be others…

Set to yes:

When set to Yes, agents who attempt to Call Forward will be ignored, this applies to CF, CFU and CFB. Extensions entered with ‘#’ at the end, for example to access the extension’s Follow-Me, might not honor this setting .

Now it actually tells you that one of the choices is yes… This might be a problem if the choices eventually get renamed to Enabled and Disabled

When enabled:

When enabled, agents who are on an occupied phone will be skipped as if the line were returning busy. This means that Call Waiting or multi-line phones will not be presented with the call and in the various hunt style ring strategies, the next agent will be attempted.

I saw this one quite a few times when I translated other strings. It seems to be used more in some modules… Now the choices here are “Yes” or “No” and not "Enabled and “Disabled” but to me it sounds like less of a problem than the previous one…

Set to true:

When set to true extensions that belong to one or more Ring Groups will have a Ring Group section and link back to each group they are a member of.

I have a feeling this might be old legacy stuff because I have not seen references to boolean values in quite a while. The choices here are once again “Yes” or “No” but they were probably “true” and “false” a long time ago…

Enable this:

Enable this if you’re calling external numbers that need confirmation - eg, a mobile phone may go to voicemail which will pick up the call. Enabling this requires the remote side push 1 on their phone before the call is put through. This feature only works with the ringall ring strategy

This sounds like a variant of when enabled but instead of telling the user what it would do if it was enabled you tell him to enable it if you want something done in a certain way… It’s not bad but most of the help text is not worded that way…

Should it:

Should this ringgroup indicate call progress to digital channels where supported.

Now it sounds like it’s asking a question…

The definition one:

Asterisk: jitterbuffer. You can adjust several parameters relating to the jitter buffer. The jitter buffer’s function is to compensate for varying network delay. The jitter buffer works for INCOMING audio - the outbound audio will be dejittered by the jitter buffer at the other end.

Now it doesn’t exactly explains the setting but gives a definition of what you will enable when you set that setting to “Yes”…

What’s best?

How should the help text that refer to “checking” something be rewritten?

Thank you and have a nice day!