Check other users voicemail via visual voicemail

We just recently migrated a client over from the old Aastra XML scripts to the Phone Apps and everything seems to be working great.

It was just brought to my attention that the old Aastra XML scripts allowed the user to check other users voicemail box with out having to log in and out of the phone.

I was looking through the phone app settings and did not see anywhere i would be able to turn this feature on. Is this possible to do via the new phone apps?

At this time it’s not currently possible. It’s on the list of items to add however.

You can check multiple VM boxes with UCP.

Thank you for the replay Andrew, another function question that has to do with the “Presence”. The old XML scripting reported back the current presence of that person (available, busy,…) is there a feature that needs to be turned on for that to work as well?


I am trying to migrate them to UPC but they really like the function on the phone.

Contact App will show you that.

Hello when i check other Extension voice mail i press *98703 that will prompted me for a password for that Extension 703 is the Extension. *98 is the voicemail to reach i found it in a google search a while ago. Hope that helps.