Check Disk runs automatically at startup

In the last year, we’ve had two crashes of our VM infrastructure (hardware failure and power failure), resulting in our phone system unexpectedly shutting down. After restarting the FreePBX VM, check disk automatically starts running (and takes about 20 minutes to complete). We would like to do a planned reboot soon, however, we don’t want check disk to run. How do I disable that?


Don’t - the fsck will only run on a “hard” shutdown (like a power or hardware failure). If you shut the system down “soft” (logging into the console and type “reboot” or reboot the hardware from the GUI), the file system should start up clean and you shouldn’t get a full file system check.

Thanks for giving me that term! I knew that it wasn’t chkdsk, but couldn’t remember what it was actually called! So if I’m understanding you, the soft reboot won’t trigger the fsck, and it should reboot normally?

It will still trigger it, but the file system will have shut down clean, so the fsck can skip the most invasive parts of the check and only take a few seconds.

To force skipping fsck even if tune2fs says otherwiise

shutdown -rf now