Cheap VoIP Gateway?


A client of ours who has a cloud Primary and WarmSpare setup has installed a service which needs to be able to send/receive IP calls (SIP URI). The service is installed at their main site that has multiple internets (for redundancy purposes). The service also has a limitation that it can only send calls to one IP.

So I’m thinking of installing a VoIP Gateway that can send/receive SIP URIs from a LAN IP and can register with SIP Auth (that way we don’t need to worry which internet at their main location is currently in use) to both, the Primary and WarmSpare PBX with auto failover to the WarmSpare.

I was thinking of using an OBI device, but it doesn’t look like it can accept SIP URIs or has auto failover. I may be mistaking tho.

Any advice appreciated


I think a simple SIP proxy would suit your needs. You may not even need to use registration. A DNS SRV record that prioritizes the primary PBX might be enough. Opensips with a few lines of configuration could do this.

I was thinking of doing this, but I want to avoid installing a PC. Actually, thinking now… a Raspberry-Pi can probably handle this just fine.

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