Character at login screen

every 3 minutes there is a ^@ character at login screen, after 2-3 weeks the page is full and the pbx starts to beep, we have to connect the keyboard and delete those characters. Does anybody know how to solve this ?

Seems to me you have broken keyboard. Have you did tried to change Keyboard and USB connected Port ?

there is no keyboard or mouse connected to the USB. And it also happends when i connect any keyboard there.

I’d start with logging into the console and running ‘dmesg > /tmp/somename.txt’ and capture what devices are actually connected to your machine. Review the somename.txt file and look for unusual devices or strange warnings.

I’ve seen this happen one other time, but it was YEARS ago and not on a FreePBX machine. It was a bad USB device that was being recognized in the BIOS as a HID device and would generate random “NULLs” (which is what you’re seeing there).

It wound up being a bad keyboard video mouse switch that was resetting because (I suspect) of a bad wall wart power supply. I understand that this might not be the problem you are seeing, but you’re going to have to think a little outside the box to figure out what is causing the problem. It could be an external device or a bad setting in your BIOS or a bad chip in the keyboard controller circuit on the mobo.

To be clear - this isn’t a common problem. Like I said, I’ve seen it once in, say, 30 years?

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