CHANSIP TCP Disabled Error

So I was changing CHAN_PJSIP TCP and TLS ports in Asterisk Sip Settings a week or so ago when configuring Sangoma Connect since it uses TCP… I changed one of the ports to match what was already set in CHAN_SIP by accident without first changing the CHAN_SIP ports to something else…

As a result, I got the CHANSIP TCP Disabled error in the Dashboard… I immediately updated all the CHAN_PJSIP and CHAN_SIP ports (UDP, TLS, TCP) ensuring none of them are the same… And no I do not use default ports, Ive changed them all to non-standard ports…

Now no matter how many times I dismiss this Critical CHANSIP TCP Disabled error in the Dashboard it keeps coming back.

How do I get rid of this error permanently? Or is there truly something that needs fixing since at one time, CHANSIP TCP port was assigned the same port as CHAN_PJSIP TCP port??

Everything is working, its just driving me nuts constantly seeing that red Critical Error on the Dashboard for over a week now…


Current CHAN_PJSIP Ports


Current CHAN_SIP Ports


The error does say from 6 days ago… If I hit ignore then hit “Show New” it goes away and all is green and says “No Critical Issues found.” If I hit Show All or refresh again then it comes back…still saying from 6 days ago though… I believe this is just the original message from 6 days ago when I made the port changes… But not understanding totally how the dashboard reporting works and why it keeps coming back after I ignore it and then refresh…

Click the x not the -

What X?? I only see a - … Am I loosing it and its there??


it shows up if there are any, show new/show all

When I click show new it disappears…when I hit show all is when it comes back…no X to click… just the -

Sorry, I don’t have that problem, but a hammerish solution

mysql asterisk -e 'delete from notifications'

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