Channel manipulation

hello all,
need advise:
is there any method to manage the one of the bridged channels?
for example: after Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}) the dialed phone answered, and i want this channel be independent, use background() on it for example. and, at he same time, first channel, to continue on other steps by priorities.

how to do this?

“background” plays audio. Dialplans are generally blocking which means they run in a path and step foo must complete before step bar. You may be able to use AGI which allows you to fork off tasks and continue but I am not sure this is what you want. Maybe if you could give an call flow example.

thanks for reply!
does forking mean AGI will handle the channel independently?

suppose, i have:

and somescreipt.php has somthing like dial() to some number, background some file, hangup()

will the AGI script and dialplan`s next step by priority "8,n,Background(yourscriptisbeingexecutednow)"
be executed at the same time or, first AGI script be completed, then dialplan continue