Chaning IVR to forward to an extension

Say I have IVR setup so when a customer calls the main phone #, and get a AA voice prompt saying “press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts”. And when they press 2, it forwards them to extension 300

So my question is - how can I change this so pressing 2 forwards to extension 221? And it is possible to just change some config so that anybody that dials extension 300 (or is forwarded to extension 300, by the IVR) goes to extension 221 instead.


As in your previous post take a look at our wiki. Each module is documented.

Have you even looked at the Web Interface? It’s very easy to navigate in this instance the module is called simply IVR. To me doing what you want is intuitively obvious, take a look before you spend too much time in the documentation. Use the docs to fill in holes.

Also when in the gui hovering over the blue circles next to each option brings up a tool tip on what the option does or what value is needed.

Yes I have looked at the FreePBX web interface. Can you please point me to the doco in question.

Gosh, is the site hard to navigate?