Changing WAN IP

In an effort to improve call reliability, I’m planning giving my PBXact UC60 system to a dedicated WAN IP, eliminating a possibly overwhelmed gateway in the path.

Steps planned so far

  1. Physically connect interface
  2. Remove Gateway from existing lan interface
  3. Configure new interface with public ip
  4. Check that NAT address has updated in SIP Settings
  5. Check Sipstation module registration and connectivity
  6. Check that Firewall/Interfaces has the new interface marked as “Internet”
  7. Add static routes so the system can communicate with routed vlans.

I have two trunk providers, Sipstation and Voipmuch, I know for the later I’ll need to contact them with the new address, but I assume Sipstation’s module will handle the updated registration.

I have a handful of Sangoma S500/S705 users in a remote office connected via the builtin OpenVPN clients, will I need to do anything in particular to get them to provision/register with the new address? They could/should be able to continue to operate on the old address, but the new WAN address should be more performant.

Anything else I’m missing?

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