Changing time zone for Aastra phones using EPM

For some reason, which we have yet to figure out, our Aastra phones started coming up with the timezone set for Pacific standard time. We’re using the End Point Configuration Manager (EPM).

After some forum reading, I went to Connectivity > End Point Advanced Settings > Product Options/Configuration Editor > selected the Aastra product line containing the 67xx series and clicked SELECT > then clicked aastra.cfg and found the timezone line which was set to US-Pacific and PST.

I changed the aastra.cfg to US-Eastern and EDT and clicked save. I then rebooted an aastra phone and it came up in the PST again. After that, I saved the file with another name and was able to open the EP Template Manager and set my phone to read the new file, which worked fine.

Is there a way to change the original aastra.cfg file to EDT, so I don’t have to tell every aastra phone to come up to the new file?

one would assume setting the time zone in the settings would update this

Nope because unfortunately I have to manually type every timezone for aastra and only aastra because they are the only ones who refuse to use GMTOFFSETS

They will however accept

time zone name: US-Pacific
time zone code: PST

for example, different strokes for different folks?