Changing the tmp folder for "Backup and Restore" module

Some of our legacy machines are in desperate need of an upgrade, so we’ve begun the migration process using the backup and restore module to get up to FreePBX 15. The process had been going smoothly until we ran into a machine sitting at around ~75% disk usage. There doesn’t seem to be enough space on local storage for the file copying that happens during the backup.

Is there a way to offload this processing so it’s not using the /var/spool/asterisk/tmp folder or the local server at all? Backups are being saved to an AWS bucket and we do have a NAS mounted to the machine.

Get some ‘external storage’ and ‘bind mount’ it over /var/spool/asterisk/tmp

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Now there’s a nice solution! Bless you dicko, I must be blind as a bat to have missed that :joy: Might be a little tedious to implement with how we do VMs but it definitely beats the alternative. Thank you!

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Another thing is to exclude CDR/cel from the backup, that might reduce size enough for it to proceed.


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