Changing the Recordings

Hi All

I’m very new to this program and wanted to ask if anyone new how i could change the name’s of the recordings as they are being saved, At the moment they save as date-time-Unique ID, the issue i have is i may have at one time 20 people taking calls and i want to listen to certain recordings. So at the moment I am having to listen to all the recordings for a whole day to find the right ones, One thing i know is that these people are in a queue and i notice some recordings saved do show the queue number at the start but it isn’t all the recordings. Is their a way i can change the way it is saved as in the name or is it maybe that i need to insure that all my extensions have record outgoing and incoming set to always which will then save all the recordings with the queue number at the start e.g. queue ID-Date-Time-Unique ID.

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Yes you can change your way of recording as you want. For this you need to make the configuration changes in asterisk configuration file. If you have command on it than we can countinue.