Changing the language doesn't work

I installed FreePBX 2.3.1 with Asterisk 1.4.13 and I accessed to the admin section of FreePBX.
If I try to change the language of FreePBX nothing happens, and the language is ever English even if I selected “Italiano” or another language other than English.

What’s the problem?

Thank you very much!!

I have the same problem but i did not receive response when I put my post about it. I hope this time the FreePBX can tell us what is the problem.

We are very interesting to know on that. May be we are lost a lot of features.

Thanks in Advance and Happy New Years !!!


Please post this in the bug tracker (Development site/Report a Bug). Messages posted here might get read and might not based on the amount of available time a developer has on his/her hands at the time. Postings in the bug tracker will get logged and have to be reviewed.

Please make sure to provide complete details.