Changing System Recordings

Hi all,

In FreePBX 2.1.1, is there a way to change custom recordings made through the System Recordings module? Say for example that I have a recording with my company’s address. If I move, I need to change that. Is it necessary to create a new recording in the module and then select the new recording in my IVR?

I remember in AMP I used to be able to head into an IVR, enter my extension and then just dial *77 to record over top of the recording that currently associated with that IVR. But that was a few releases back, when recordings weren’t part of their own seperate module.

Am I missing something simple here, or is this the intended way for the module to be functioning?



I go in under systems recordings and delete the new and create a new one as same name, that way no other change is needed.

Always delete the 1 st one before you go in (I copy the name to clipboard before I do it)