Changing static IP in FreePBX 2.9?

We are moving our freepbx to a new server which is using FreePbx 2.11. I know to get to the static IP on new version, I go to System Admin, Network Settings, then Static IP to change the IP address for the server.

The old server is using FreePbx 2.9 but I cannot seem to find where in the admin panel I need to go to change it there as well unless there is a way in Linux I need to get to it somehow.

Please advise, thanks.

FreePBX 2.9 did not have sysadmin as it was before our own distro.

You didn’t tell us the OS but I am going to assume CentOS so edit the file in etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 (or eth1 for port 2)

Do this from the console. Run ‘service network restart’ and the IP will change.

You can check with the ‘ifcfg eth0’ command

Thanks, found it, didn’t check what OS they set it up with though.