Changing sound language

I have FreePBX set up and things like voicemail announcements were in English. I downloaded the files in my language and replaced the files in the “en” directory (/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en) which works great. I guess this is not the correct way, which would be to create a new directory with the correct ISO code for my language, place the files in that directory and change the language of the system. The problem is, I can’t seem to find the language setting.

Can anyone tell me where to change this setting?

Start with

That path will be used by asterisk to search for a usable sound file based on the “Language” of the current “channel”, I am not sure if you can do it in the GUI (I looked a bit in FreePBX 11 ) but editing /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf to reflect


should clue asterisk where to start looking without individually setting extensions, inbound routes etc. to your language of choice

Is that available in FreePBX 11?

did the user say he is on 2.11? Why would you ask?

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Because it is possibly relevant or should we assume that everyone uses FreePBX 13?

It was a simple question, Is it available in FreePBX 11?

edit :- actually I generally use FreePBX 12 (mea culpa) , so is it available in FreePBX 12?

This is a 13. feature. That said no one should be on 2.11 at this point. Everyone should be on 12 at a minimum with a plan to migrate to 13. We have 14 in progress which will drop 12 support to security only.

So if it is not available in FreePBX 12 then you can as suggested, add


to /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf and FreePBX -13 will honor it, Am I correct?

So basically I have to add defaultlanguage=zz to the file below?

Is that the only thing or do I need to reboot?

That (changing the conf file) doesn’t seem to work.

Got it working using the custom languages which @jfinstrom suggested. Thanks!

Is your solution actually a global one or is it just for sip and iax2 channels?

If nothing helps, try reading my post here

If that doesn’t help , read my reply

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