Changing Recordings with Feature Codes

For a phone system which I am setting up, I need to be able to have the caller dial a feature code and record a new recording when the business will be closed for holidays, ect. I have done this with feature codes, enabled in the “system recordings” and all works well. Now, is there a way to dial another feature code and revert back to the original? Any thoughts?

No, once you record using the feature code, the original is lost. I can’t tell from your post, but if you’re using the same greeting for in-office and out-of-office times, I suggest you create two system recordings and use call flow control + time conditions.

We already do this for the regular open hours/closed hours greetings. What I am trying to do is to be able to record a temporary holiday greeting, that trumps all time conditions, and can be recorded custom, and turned on and off, all by feature codes. I have it almost doing it using a special system recording, with the optional feature code, and also misc applications. I am using freepbx, and perhaps there is a better way

This is entirely possible using call flow control and time conditions, as I said. No need for anything else. Just preface your time condition with a call flow control that diverts the call into an announcement.

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