Changing recording file Name?

Does anyone know how to change the file name of the recording when a user hits *1 or sets the recording on the extension. Cant seem to find it anywhere. I found where it sets it for the queues and conferences, but for the life of me cant find the other. Please help. Im prob missing something obvious.

The name is predetermined and fixed. There are many reasons for it but that name contains important information: direction/queue/trunk} followed by date then time then a unique ID so that it can be tied back to the CDR reports.

So changing them is not something you’d really like to do or it can break many other things.

You see I need to add the extension number to this file name because Im developing a script that emails the file to the person that recorded it. It puts the extension number on the inbound calls just not on the outbound. And this is only when you press *1 which uses the automon feature. Where is this code located that even sets the filename? That would help me out. Thanks for your reply

if you take the last part of the filename it is a unique ID xxxxxxxx.xx which you can then use to search against in the CDR database (using the date would help speed up the search if you have thousands of cdr records) and pull the extension in question from there and e-mail it out that way.

I think Ive confused you when I press *1 on my pbx my recording file looks like this

auto-1222959584-(outbound caller id)-(number Im calling.wav (this is out bound then press *1)

auto-1222960413-203-(number im calling).wav (this is inbound then I press *1)

Now if I just have recording enabled on that extension the filenames look like the ones below because it calls the recordingcheck agi script which I can change and have changed. I see your unique id in this case, but not in the *1 case which uses the automon feature which as Ive found is part of the features module built into asterisk.


What it seems like I would have to change the code and recompile which I really dont want to do : ( , but Im looking for a better way.

I have recently decided due to increased call load to organise my recordings to make them easier to locate. However, I have no idea how to do this!

I need to be able to search for particular recordings by time, date and extension number which I believe is already possible. I also need to add the callerID of the customer as this would refine the searches.

Any help or advice that would point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

I actually put together a module for this purpose I have submitted it in a ticket to see if any one would want to improve on it. I currently use is for Queues, Conference and Extension recordings. The code is quite straight forward. Let me know what you think. Here is the link to the ticket