Changing names on phones not updating

I changed the name name of the extensions. I rebooted the phones, pushed with end point and they will not update. What am I missing?

oss or paid epm?

paid EPM

since i have no info on what levels of software you are using or what types of phones, here are a couple of things to try

  1. in the epm, rebuild the configs for the extensions you have changed - the new versions of the epm don’t seem to have this problem but there were some versions where changing extension names did not automatically trigger a rebuild of the configs. you might spot check a couple of the config files to see if the correct names are in them
  2. double check that the phones are actually pulling the new config - sometimes rebooting a phone does not cause it to pick up a new config. if you use ftp, check the xferlog, if you use tftp check the messages file
  3. assuming the config file is correct and that the phone is truly pulling its config files from the pbx, then you might try factory resetting the phone. if someone modified the name locally on the phone for example, some phones will not overwrite that with the new confi

this ended up being an issue with my template. I didn’t have it set with the names…lol