Changing langue on aastra

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to know if it’s possible to change the screen language of aastra phones. For the Input language, I have many choices but for screen language I only have english as option I wanted to add french there.
I’ve already retrieve the language pack of the phone 53i and configure a tftp server but when I restart the phone, there’s no changes.

thanx for reading

Are you all went for a rest? lol

I think you would get better support from Aastra, this is a forum about FreePBX.

Not a FreePBX question but if you download the Aastra IP Phone Admin Guide this will tell you how to apply different language packs to your Aastra phones. I think you can load up to 4. You need a configuration server (usually a tftp server) which can be your FreePBX server to upload the new language files to the phone.

Ok, friends. But do you know if by default the tftp service is active on asteriskNow?

Don’t know about AsteriskNow as I don’t use that. If you logon to the server you should be able to see by doing:

chkconfig --list | grep tftp

See if it’s set on. It normally runs as an xinetd service.

That won’t work. Asterisk now uses xinetd to start tftp server, the FreePBX distro does this also.

See my current post on the Polycom ip500 where I explain xinetd.

Thanx, friends.