Changing incoming CallerID


Is there a way to change the incoming CallerID?
I want to add a 0 before the number.

I know you can change the CallerID Name through Inbound routes->CID name prefix:
But here the CallerID Name is only changed and not the CallerID

(Because our PBX needs to dial a 0 before calling to an outside line. When a outside caller calls an extension, the person behind the extension sees this number in his display. When the caller want to dial direct this number the PBX will not switch to the outside line, because the first digit is not a 0)

Kind Regads,

Arjan Kroon

Why not change your outbound routes to not include the 0. Then add the 0 in the dial rules of your trunk. You can do this with:


in the dial rules section of the trunk.

This is because our PBX is so configured that we use a 0 to connect to the outside world and for example a 6 for connecting to another PBX in another place.


Create from-pstn-custom in your extensions_custom.conf


exten => _x.,1,set(CALLERID(NUM) = 0${CALLERID(NUM)}) ; edited to include “}”

Those of us who occasionally contribute a small bit of documentation sometimes feel sooooo ignored! :wink:


Tx, that just what I want.
It works perfect.