Changing extensions

I have 2 users who will be changing extensions, and both of them have some voice mail messages that they would like retained.

  1. If I use SCP to move the respective files on the FreePBX server from their old locations to the new locations, will that work (so that when they dial into their VM they can still review their old/new messages there)?
  2. Also, will that same method work for their unavailable/busy message files so that they won’t have to record new greetings?

Yes, yes. But safer to

cd /vvar/spool/asterisk/default
mv xxxx xxx-temp
mv yyyy xxxx
mv xxxx-temp yyyy

In some gooey worlds, mv might be called rename

Thank you. For me, it’s /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/xxx

Yes, I’ll probably use mv or rename instead of SCP since all of it is in the same directory. For some reason, I was thinking that the messages and greetings were split up across the server, but I guess I was confusing their location with the system recordings location.

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