Changing extension name does not update name on phone (?)

So here’s the deal - we have a FreePBX system (2.7.0), and using Aastra 6757i phones.

Everything’s been set up just fine for a few months, but today we needed to change the name of a phone extension since we replaced an employee.

I changed the employee’s “Display name” under ‘extensions’ in FreePBX, but the name did not update on the phone. In the end I did it just by going to the actual phone’s web-interface, and changing it under 'advanced settings --> line 1".

My question -

There has to be a way to do it where it updates based on the server’s configuration, right? How do I do that?

It sounds like maybe you are using the Aastra self config XML scripts. If you are then, yes, the phone will download its name from the server. Aastra has provided a utility to reset an extension. It is called apply_prf and its use is described in the XML scripts admin guide in the utilities section. If you are not using Aastra’s self config XML scripts then I’m not shure how this happened.

OK thanks -
I want to say that when I set these up (when the phones were brand new), I just connected the phones to the network, pointed them at the phone server, and then they pulled the display name, etc. from the phone server. So they did pull the initial config from the phone server??

The only way that could have happened was if someone had setup the configuration files in TFTPboot.

There is no way for the phones to know display name from FreePBX unless you did it manually or through a configuration generator.

Maybe you have Trixbox or Elastix or something else that helped you generate the configuration files.

The display name setting in Free PBX doesn’t update the display on the phone, rather just what appears when they call another person.

If you’re phone is pulling down its settings from a TFTP Server, you want to modify the appropriate .cfg file in the /tftpboot folder. The files are stored by the phones MAC Address. You should see the appropriate setting labeled sip line1 screen name:

If your phones are not configured via the TFTP server, then you will want to login to the web interface of the phone and change it there.

You’d have to use something like endpoint manager as phones aren’t linked like you think they are.

The only linking phones really do is SIP registration and XML scripts.