Changing email from "[email protected]" to a different email Cron Backup Scripts

Dear FreePBX Form Users,
I have what will hopefully be a simple question for individuals of this form to answer. Basically, I would like the following email to be sent to a different email instead of "[email protected]". I know the basic concepts behind what “cron” is but not much more beyond that. I have tried to check a few places through the GUI that were recommended online and have tried editing /etc/crontab. Any Help would be greatly appreciated please see screenshots below. (dot) com/folderview?id=0B8H_LeGbY_6aajd6R0gxYldOS2c&usp=sharing
Thank You,

I see this is an old topic. BUT
I’m experiencing the same problems for the past weeks. Work for a while then started to add (asterisk@name@mailserver) as the username. The only workaround I found was open a new Gmail account.Now I can do [email protected], works ever time