Changing Dialed Number on Call Event Loggin


my provider sets DID on To header field. So I have to extract TO header and set it as callee.
It works: I can use DID service and route correctly the call to the extensions according to the TO header.
Anyway, on Reports there’s a voice (Call Event Logging) where you can see, for each call Date, Caller Number and Dialed Number.

I’m not able to set the Dialed number so to show the effective callee. I’ve tried to set DNID, EXTENSION, and other channel vars. Doesn’t matter: it seems that it only shows the user part of the first RURI.

Do you know how to set it?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

There is a provided initial context that does this, something like from-pstn-toheader

Yes, it works but Dialed on CEL reports is still set with RURI user part and not TO uri user part…

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