Changing default voicemail message?

Really silly question here: when an inbound call hits my ring group and times out, I have the voicemail destination selected. The only options in the pull-down menu are ‘<201> Home “vm-busy”, <201> Home “vm-unavail” and <201> Home “vm-no-msg”’. What used to be available (quite awhile ago), was the vm-intro message, which basically says “please leave your message …” If I select the unavail option, it tells the caller ‘the person at extension 201 is unavailable’, and then plays the standard ‘leave your message’ message. Busy works the same way (only it plays the busy message). What is bugging me is that the third option, “no message”, causes no message at all to be left, which is NOT what I want - I want to play the ‘please leave your message’ message, but I don’t see any (good) way to do that :frowning: What I am doing for now, is I created an IVR with that message as the announcement. I have only option ‘t’ in the IVR and a timeout of zero seconds. Yes, butt-ugly, but I don’t know what else I can do?

Two options:

  1. Go into the general setting and uncheck the box for “Do Not Play please leave message after tone to caller”. Yea I forget it’s there many times.

  2. Record your own personal message for one of the conditions instead of the automated one that say’s “busy” or “unavailable”. If a custom recorded message is present for that mailbox it should default to using the custom recorded one first instead of the auto generated one for the condition.

  1. I do not have that checked! The context help for it anyway, says not to play said message after playing the announcement (in this case I can select only the unavailable or busy messages). The third choice, ‘no-msg’ causes nothing at all to be played :frowning: I think this has to do with the use of the VoiceMail application, which takes ‘u’, ‘b’ or ‘s’, which tell it to play the unavailable, busy or skip the ‘please leave your message’ message entirely, so this now makes sense. Still a bummer.

  2. I really don’t want any message, just the ‘please leave your message’ message. I wonder if I could do a variation of this with one of the canned silence messages?

I did something even simpler: I copied the vm-intro.wav file to /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/201/unavail.wav and it works peachy! Thanks for the tip…