Changing asteriskuser password

After the default installation (all A-OK), I get the “Default SQL Password Used” nag message. So … I attempted to change the “asteriskuser” password from “amp109”. After changing it in amportal.conf and in MySql using PhyMyAdmin, attempts to access FreePBX get this error message:

[nativecode=Access denied for user ‘asteriskuser’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)] ** mysql://asteriskuser:[email protected]/asterisk

When I change the password in MySQL back to amp109, I can access FreePBX again (but I still get the nag message). I scanned all the files in /etc and in /etc/asterisk for “amp109” and didn’t find it. Where’s it getting this value from?

PBX in a flash did it?

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The Nag screen is not self clearing. To remove the message from the nag you need to view the message and then click on reg circle with the dash in it.

Dude, double check /etc/amportal.conf, because the AMPDBPASS is specified twice in the file… search for amp109 in /etc/amportal.conf and you’ll see what I mean, cheers…