Changine Caller ID to PAGE in Paging module

I have modified the paging routing to show caller id as PAGE instead of the ext during a page. This helps the user distinguish between a normal incoming call and a PAGE.

To do this, modify /var/www/html/admin/modules/paging/

At line 113, which should be:

$ext->add(‘ext-paging’, “PAGE${xtn}”, ‘’, new ext_dial("${DB(DEVICE/${xtn}/dial)}", ‘5, A(beep)’));

add the following above it:

$ext->add(‘ext-paging’, “PAGE${xtn}”, ‘’, new ext_setvar(‘CALLERID(number)’,‘PAGE’));

Save, then restart asterisk.

If you want something different just change the ‘PAGE’ to whatever you want.

Hope this helps!

Just a crazy idea:

It would be interesting to speak the caller ID of the person calling, using the paging function. Some of the Panasonic cordless telephones could do this. You could hear across the room who was calling.

Not sure if any of the Wifi phones support paging. But I’d like to think this could be done with the desk IP phone models.

I think this would be rather easy. You would have to change the paging routine though. I think you would create a dynamic conference, then put everyone in it. After that, you can use FLITE to speak the extension name/number. Then add in the pager to conf, play the beep and go.