Changes in FreePBX gui don't take work

I’ve recently had to reinstall FreePBX 13.0.197,
I have restored from a backup, however it seems that any changes I make do not actually take old. For example I have changed an inbound rule to terminate rather than ring a phone and have had to record new system messages. However none of the changes work despite the gui showing they have been done.

Any suggestions?

Can you reload via the Linux shell with fwconsole reload and see if you get any errors?

You can also check the Asterisk Manager password in Settings > Advanced Settings and compare it with /etc/asterisk/manager.conf or look for AMI authentication errors for ‘admin’ in /var/log/asterisk/fail2ban

If that’s the issue, I think simply saving the Advanced Settings and applying changes will write it out.

I would think both of these issues would result in visible errors in the dashboard, but still worth checking.

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As @ngingras says. If no luck,
fwconsole chown
may help. If still no luck, test by changing a value (rather than an action) such as the Display Name for an extension. Then, look at whether /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional got updated properly. If so, see why Asterisk didn’t reload its config. If not, see whether the database got updated properly.

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