Changes aren't applying to users

I’ve begun to have an odd problem with a FreePBX system that’s current with all updates and running perfectly fine as far as I can tell. When I update a user’s email address for their voicemails or the password for their UCP account, it appears to write the change, I click “Apply” and everything looks fine, the changes show in the admin panel, but when a voicemail is left the email goes to the previous address and the user can’t sign into UCP with the new password I set. It’s like changes aren’t writing to the DB but they are showing when you look them up in the control panel. Anybody ever heard of anything like this before? Any advice on what to look at?


You can check /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf to make sure your email address is actually updating for the voicemail to email. You can check the asterisk mysql database to see if your UCP changes are updating, so:

mysql -u root
use asterisk;
select * from userman_users;

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