Changed in Asterisk = Gone in Freepbx?

Hi all,

if i make a change directly inside asterisk, and then use freepbx to do other work, would the changes that were made in asterisk be erased because i used freepbx?

thanks for any responses in advance

Could you be a bit more vague? Provide details so we can give more then a vague answer. Currently the answer is: Possibly, possibly not depending on what you are trying to do.

Ok, I’ll provide more details. Right now I have trunks and DID’s working on my testing machine. I would like to make changes directly into Asterisk for my trunks and DID’s. If I make those changes, say add my trunking and DID info, and then say I use FreePBX afterwards to add new info, would it overwrite the info that I put in manually into the Asterisk?

Thanks for replying

for trunks and DID’s yes assuming you put them anyplace except in the *_custom.conf files. And even so you’ll need to follow all the FreePBX rules for making custom settings, etc.

If you put that info in the reguslar default files then YES you’ll loose it as it overwrites the default files.

At the same time FreePBX will not know about that stuff so things get ugly quick.

Thanks for replying to my post. The info you provided was great and answered my question greatly. Kudos.

I don’t understand the point. If you want to edit all of these changes directly via the CLI, why are you using freepbx?

I recently learned how to make changes directly in Asterisk. Since I have FreePBX I wanted to know that if or when I make changes in Asterisk directly if the changes would be erased if I then used FreePBX

I’ve put together a webpage that details the conf files and which files can be manually configured without being written over by FreePBX.

Thanks. Thats a great link that you sent! I kinda skipped over it while I was reading the thread. Cheers!!