Change voicemail language

Hi guys,

we are looking how to change voicemail language for an extension from default “en” (english) to “it” (italian). Our FreePBX version is

From the admin panel, we are in “Voicemail Admin” -> here we have clicked on our extension -> then “Account View Links” -> “Advanced Settings”. Here on the voice “language” we have put “it” -> saved and reloaded.

But if we try to call to the extension, when the system redirect to the voicemail, the voice it’s always english.

(YES, the language it it’s present on the server (/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/it/*)

mmmh…someone has idea on what is wrong?
Thank you!

i’m done, the problem was a2billing.
We need to setup the language over a2billing instead freepbx itself…

Thank you :slight_smile:

Of course the fact you are running a2billing was simply omitted from the first post.

You have to disclose the entire environment if you expect useful help.

Yes of course, was my fault, and i’m sorry about that.
(in a matter on fact, this morning i nevermind that a2billing could be involved in this process…)

This forums was very usefull for me in many other topic in the past, so there is no irony on my “thank’s” (how can erroneously appear), simply at this time I could do by myself! :slight_smile:

Thank you.