Change trunk only to port 5080

Spectrum has something messed up today. I can no longer register to on 5060. Their tech had me switch to port 5080 and now the trunk registers fine. However incoming calls drop after 2 seconds and the logs show retransmission timeout xxxxxxxx ip:5060. I’m guessing this is the issue. I have put port=5080 in the registration string and peer sections of the trunk. I have NOT changed the Bind port under the main SIP settings since all the phones are on 5060. I only want the trunk on 5080. What am I missing?

You shouldn’t need any changes to the system other than trunk settings. Changing the reg string may require an Asterisk restart if you’re using chan_sip. In any case, restarting Asterisk won’t make the problem worse.

I agree “shouldn’t” (Happy Birthday btw)

I added port=5080 in the Peer section and changed 5060 to 5080 in the reg string. It now registers and calls come in but drop after 2 seconds due to the error I mentioned. Outgoing calls all fail also.

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