Change the PAI header, but keep originating CID


I have a problem where our SIP provider routes the calls to an emergency services based of the PAI header.

It is a call centre so the number that shows up on the called parties phone must be set as 08000501199

The SIP provider needs to see the PAI header as the local number, so 01913771950

Is it possible to keep the PAI as 01913771950 but for the CID sent to the called party as 08000501199

I think I may have just figured this out. But if someone can confirm if this is the right thing to do:

Set outbound CID as 08000501199
Set energency CID as 01913771950

Have two outbound routes, one for emergency and one for normal calls.

Emergency calls will use the normal number and normal calls will take the non geographic.

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