Change standart port on pjsip

Tell me, please, what settings still need to be changed, when replacing the standard port 5060 in the “Settings” - “Asterisk SIP settings”, the tab - “Chan PJSIP Settings” - the item “Port to listen on”? Because if you change the port only here, then on the new port the phones fail.

Logs - double check that the phones at the other end of the conversation are actually changing. Also, what error are you getting.

The “port to listen on” should be enough to get the service switched to another port. You will need to reboot for the change to take effect, though, since you are going to need to drop the system all the way to moments after the “big boot.” Restarting FreePBX will not be enough.

Must restart Asterisk for port binding changes to take effect:

fwconsole restart

changed the port. Restarted as you wrote … did not help. phones do not connect. returned 5060, applied the configuration (without reboot) and the phones immediately connected.