Change SIP Channel Driver to BOTH (chan_sip & chan_pjsip)

What are the requirements to set SIP Channel Driver to be BOTH?
I’m currently on the latest FreePBX distro and Asterisk 12. When I try to change this setting to BOTH and apply it reverts back to chan_sip.

Do I need Asterisk 13 to set it to BOTH? Do I have to install anything?
Does Asterisk 12 only allow select one or the other (chan_sip OR chan_pjsip)?

I don’t want to move all extension to pjsip, I just want to test it on 1 or 2 extensions first.


Both should work just fine in Asterisk 12. However it depends on what version of Asterisk 12 you have. Besides that why are you even using Asterisk 12.

Actually, I just checked and it looks like I’m NOT running Asterisk 12…? I thought I was. Or I just don’t understand numbering that well, lol.

Asterisk 11.17.1 built by root @ on a i686 running Linux on 2015-04-14 20:59:38 UTC

Freepbx version

PBX Firmware:	6.12.65-27

When I run asterisk-version-switch I get;

Pick the Asterisk Version you would like to change to.
    Press 1 and the Enter key for Asterisk 1.8
    Press 2 and the Enter key for Asterisk 11
    Press 3 and the Enter key for Asterisk 13 EXPERIMENTAL
    Press 9 and the Enter key to exit and not change your Asterisk Version

Which is one reason I thought I was running Version 12 since it wasn’t listed here.
I haven’t moved to 13 due to the “experimental” tags and this being an in use system.

Is there something wrong with running 12?
Why isn’t 12 listed for me to switch to?


Asterisk 12 was a short term release replaced by 13 per Asterisk 12 removed from asterisk-version-switch.

Ah thanks, I did not see that. Explains a lot.
So I’m guessing u can’t do what I wanted in 11? So my option would be moving to 13. And I see 13 went stable but FreePBX shows as experimental in the switcher. I assume that doesn’t mean Asterisk 13 is experimental, just the integration with FreePBX?

I would assume that is accurate but I will defer to someone more knowledgeable than myself about FreePBX’s relationship with Asterisk 13. I run 13 on several servers without problems.