Change Set 9210 - Great Work

Philippe (and team) great work getting this into 2.8

Can I patch or use the module in the present state on a 2.7 build to give the feature a test drive?


I understand you have something to deliver on for getting that change in:)

as far as using it on 2.7, you definitely can not use that file on 2.7. It may be possible to take the changset and apply it against 2.7 but too much else has changed in core to take the whole file, you would break big time.

I actually considered making a separate module just to add that functionality so it was configurable (in which case you could have applied it against 2.7 but alas I did not.

Another thing I considered at first was to make the destination only show up in the incoming routes, to keep clutter and confusion away from other modules. But alas, I decided that there are enough cases where you would want to use it elsewhere that it should just be available everywhere. (e.g. timeconditions off to another office after hours, or a ringgroup failover off to another branch if no one is picking up, etc.

However, as far as testing, it would be nice if you did test it because I have not yet. I’m hoping to have an alpha1 tarball available and possibly an upgrade module that could be downloaded from a link withing a week or so. I tried to streamline the functionality to where it does as little as possible before going out the trunk, while still maintaining respect for the maximum channels and any localprefix manipulation specified for the trunk. Beyond that, it does nothing to manipulate the CID and furthermore, it’s a one way trip - there is no concept of failover or anything like that, if the trunk can’t connect the call dies…