Change Realm

can anyone suggest, how can we change realm in asterisk?

Can you elaborate further on what exactly you are trying to achieve/what problem you are trying to solve? It’s rare that I’ve seen anyone ever care about the realm (if you are talking about SIP).

… and yet it has come up at least three times in the past few months.

I’d like to hear more about why as well, so your question still stands, but it’s coming up with a frequency (and complete lack of explanation) that is kind of curious.

Multi-Tenant/Multi-Domain support. Auth is based on the user/authuser and domain/realm. For the most part it binds to [email protected] since there are still SIP clients out there that don’t support setting either Auth User or Auth Realm or both settings. It basically allows [email protected] and [email protected] because the domain1 and domain2 are part of the auth scheme.

Trying to do this in FreePBX is going to require using custom config files to either completely hold the information or using the templates/ custom_post.conf files to add in the additional settings. Even then Asterisk’s Multi-Domain support documentation is pretty lax as in the past people would use Kamailio/OpenSIPs to solve/handle this.

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