Change passwords

In lights of the Sangoma breach I was looking to change my passwords for this community and the MariaDB instance of my FreePBX. I know where to find the MariaDB password, but if I change it, my install is F-d. How to go about this? And how can I change my community password?

Merry Christmas everybody, stay safe!

Thank you, that is one down. What about the MariaDB password? Anyone?

FreePBX Distro dosn’t use a root password. The reasoning is that the only access is through localhost.

So the MariaDB pass is generated locally and can’t be changed without reinstalling, is that what you’re saying? To be clear it the following value found in this file: /etc/freepbx.conf


Change it there after you have changed the asterisk user’s password on MariaDB.

Thanks, that worked!

but that is for the freepbxuser, the root password can be also set ‘not null’ if you want. It is not used by FreePBX

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