Change mysql root password

I need to repair some tables in the database of my FreePBX, however the company that configured the system does not provide me with the MySQL root password. I can change the password of said account, however I would like to know if I can have problems with any service that may be associated with said account; Who knows if setting up FreePBX associates the MySQL root account with services that may be affected?

Instead of root, try using the MySQL credentials in /etc/freepbx.conf.

Normally, there is no password for root on the localhost machine. If you access the database from the phone server (mysql or mysqladmin) as root from the console prompt on the server itself, you should be able to access anything in the database.

If you are trying to access the database from another host, you will probably need to add user(s) that have the correct permissions and credentials.

There are config files in /etc/freepbx.conf and /etc/asterisk that have users that can access the server, but most of these are “localhost only” users as well.