Change music on hold default class when using dahdi cards

Hello to all.

Is there a way to change the music on hold class from default when there is a dahdi card involved?

More specific I have a system that uses a sangoma a104 card that is use for connection to isdn ivr.

I have enabled all my incoming routes to the correct music on hold entry for example “mohdemo1” but when I put from my extension hold the file that is played is the default one. At asterisk log files there is mentioned that at the dahdi channel is invoked the default music on hold class.

Thank you in advance for any information given.

Best regards

In addition to the above the log file that corresponds to the call that I wish to change is :

res_musiconhold.c: Started music on hold, class ‘default’, on channel ‘DAHDI/i5/7777777777-2’

I need to change the default music on hold in dahdi channels or in dahdi general.

I tried the parameters :

at the global setting of dahdi and after reload the asterisk and dadhi I can see the parameters at the chan_dahdi.conf file but the default moh is beeing used.

I’m coming back because I was totally looking at the wrong place.

The hold was made from a pjsip extension, so I used the following solution :

and made specific music on hold on the extension that puts hold at the line.

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