Change language for Queue / Caller Announcemenets / Caller Position

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Is this possible to change the language (default English) for the position caller in the queue?

Also, is this possible to change the language per queue, so that different queues will have different languages for “caller position”?

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In Asterisk, Queues, IVRs, etc. are not associated with a particular language. Asterisk attempts to play all prompts in the caller’s language. Calls originated locally default to the language of the Extension. External incoming calls default to the language of the Inbound Route.

If routed to a queue, caller position, estimated wait time and other built-in announcements will play in the language selected by the Extension or Inbound Route.

If you provide service in multiple languages on the same number, set up an IVR that asks for the caller’s language. Each IVR entry routes to a Languages destination, which sets the desired language then routes to a queue (same or different, depending on whether the agents are bilingual).

Hi, thank you for the quick response. Admin / Sound Language we downloaded language, and on the Inbound route, we put it, and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

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