Change IVR Recording remotely


I’m using FreePBX
I’d like to know if there is a howto or a tutorial or a document or if someone can be kind enough to help me regarding this.

Basically, we have time conditions pointing to a business hours IVR and non-business hours and days, it defaults to evening IVR. However, I would like the ability to just call into any of these IVRs, and record a new IVR and make it the default IVR regardless of time conditions.

(An added bonus would be to be able to make it kick in and revert to regular IVR at a said time on a said date).

How can I do this?

Hello :slight_smile:

Change ivr recordings, not change ivr in case anyone is wondering

You can have users remotely update recordings, just look under System Recordings for the message and check the “Link to Feature Code” box.

There’s a similar checkbox for time conditions.

This is on 2.10, not sure about 2.8 but I’m pretty sure it’s in there.

I think I understand what you are asking for & am wondering the same thing. We had bad weather that closed a client’s office and the office manager would have liked to be able to call into the PBX and change the main message for his customers. Is there an ability to call in to put a recording in place for the main IVR?

you can add a feature code that lets you dial it and then listen and modify the recordings. look at the recording under system recording and check the box and define the feature code