Change incoming caller id

I have 2 numbers on my system:

  • Business
  • Private

When I dial a 0 as prefix the outbound CID is business, otherwise it’s private. I have added this prefix to the business numbers in my addressbook so I don’t have to remember to dial 0 first, but when I have a missed call, the number of course is without the 0. That is why I was wondering if it’s possible to prepend a 0 to all numbers that call the business number. I know about “CID Name Prefix”, I have set it up so the phone shows which number has been called, but I’m now looking for a way to handle missed calls, so the other way around I guess.

Go to Applications then Set CallerID and create an entry to prepend the original number with the digit you need. Set the destination to your extension, ring group, etc.
Go to your Incoming route for a given DID and set destination to ‘Set CallerID’ and pick the entry you created earlier.

This will work? 0${CALLERID(num)}

yes, it should