Change Inbound Routes destination with Feature Code


I have the need to add to the same DID many different destinations (Call Flow or Time Condition). Only one destination should be active. How to make a Feature Code that would change the current active destination?


Call Flow or Time Conditions already comes with feature codes, when you call that feature code it will change the current state.
(If this is what you are asking)


I know about it.
The question is how to direct one DID to 4 or 5 different Call Flow or Time Conditions. And then using the custom Feature Code to change which rule to be active. I suppose DID should go to a Custom Destination, but how to make a Custom Destination for that.

If i understand correctly: you want a custom feature code to change the state or 4 different Call Flows/Time Conditions ?

if so, you’ll definitely need some custom code. there were a few people here who asked for it, so maybe try to search. or someone else with more knowledge than me can help out. :grinning:
(btw, i suggested such a feature for FreePBX 15)

That’s it.

They are very similar and almost work. Changing the active Call Flow with *20X works, but Custom Destination does not work.

Any idea?

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