Change from postfix to sendmail

Hello. I would like to uninstall postfix and install sendmail. I wonder if this change would hurt the distro and I will have any problems. I use FreePBX-64bit-6.12.65.


Other than I don’t think it’s upgrade safe, I can’t think of anything that would hurt you. You’ll have to go through and set everything in Sendmail up by hand and change all of the postfix specific items to sendmail, but that’s a good project for a weekend.

Postfix is far better than sendmail. Just curious why you want to switch.

Further, postfx has an inbuilt sendmail (it does that within a “secure” postfix environment) for compatibility with what you are possibly trying to do.

man sendmail

for the methods used.

The reason I want to do it is that I cannot make postfix send mail through my exchange server, something that I can do easily with sendmail. I read so many articles about how to do it without success…

Finally I managed to make postfix send mail TO my exchange (NOT THROUGH) and I will keep it because that is what I wanted and it’s ok now.