Change first part of dialed number

Hi, Im using FreePBX

I wish to configure something with international calls.

How can i change the first part of a dialed number? for example if someone calls +40212047015 i want it to be changed to 0040212047015

How can i set such dial plan?


Have you looked at ‘Dialed Number Manipulation Rules’ in the trunk that you have setup to handle these numbers?
I think ‘+4’ should be entered into the ‘Prefix’ box and ‘004’ into the ‘Prepend’. In the match pattern box you could put ‘XXXXXXXXX’ to match the rest of the number.

When the number is dialed and is forward to the appropriate trunk via the Outbound route, the ‘+4’ will be stripped and ‘004’ added to the start of the number.

I’ve not tested this, I may be wrong.

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Works great! thank you!