Change DynamicDNS

SysAdmin Pro module : System deployment is used as hostname in domain
is it possible to use a user-defined hostname in any DDNS system one can choose ??
Should i install a simple DDNS updater out of FreePBX package at CentOS level (actual router hasn’t this capability) ??
Thank you

At this time, Sysadmin Pro does not work with user-defined hostnames for dynamic dns. os what I use as a cron job for duckdns

Thank you both.
James, it seems to me duckdns doesn’t use same protocol as common DDNS providers isn’t it ?
I’m running ddclient from cron for now…

duckdns is free and had an api. In my experience most services basically have a URL to hit. They all use http.

My example is probably more complex than it needs to be, but it allows me to expand things later