Change DND on other extension


I have managers who would like to DND their agents via phone without having to walk to their desk and hitting their DND (or dialing *76). I see stubs in extensions_addional.conf dialplan that look like:

exten => *761415,1,Goto(app-dnd-toggle,*76,1)

exten => *761415,hint,Custom:DEVDND1415

I don’t understand how these dialplan bits are intended to be used.

It seemed to be that dialing *761415 would be an excellent way to toggle extension 1415’s DND status. For starters, amp-dnd-toggle would need to be renamed/rewritten to something else and amp-dnd-toggle would then call that with ${AMPUSER} as the extension to toggle.

Has anyone ever done this before? Has anyone ever thought about wanting to do this before?


the isymphony 3 product allows you do enable this feature. I have not looked at how they do it but I do know that you can allow someone to set dnd for another user.